At Illinois Benefits, we care about you and your family and are committed to providing prompt, accurate and courteous claim processing services for both our Group and Individual Plan Participants and Policyholders. Your claims will be processed in less than 10 business days if all claim forms are completed accurately and no additional information is required.

Claims Information

  • The most frequently required claim forms are available for download from this site. The initial claim form should be dated and signed. The policy number and insured’s name must be included. For additional claim forms please contact us at the numbers listed below. We listen, we care and we know that each of you is our most important customer. Following are toll free telephone numbers you may wish to use in contacting our office. To obtain your certificate number, you may call Allstate Workplace Division at 1-800-348-4489. Mailing addresses and Fax numbers are also shown for your claims submissions and correspondence. This information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may fax your claim to us at 1-866-424-8482.